Shot of the Day No. 10 — The Innside Restaurant

020413_10InnsideRestaurantROk. This one has a story. As usual, I only had a few minutes before I had to get back to work, so I was hoping someone would be sitting in this window eating a late lunch. Every time I have ever walked past this restaurant, someone has been sitting at a table by the window. Surely luck would be with me today!

I drive by and – Jackpot! Two men sitting and talking. Perfect. I park, put money in the meter, grab my camera and dash across the street. But as soon as I start framing the shot and attempt to focus, I get busted. They turn and start laughing at the fact I’m taking their photo, so I smile behind the camera and wave. But just when I think I’m free to take the shot, out walks a man from the restaurant.

He says to me, “What are you doing?”

I say, “Oh, I’m just taking a photo.” I drop the camera from my face to be polite and immediately notice the man is wearing a gun on his belt. Great! My first thought: “This man REALLY does not want me taking a photo here. He’s going to shoot me.” My second thought: “He must be an undercover police officer. Am I about to be arrested?”

He continues, “Those guys think you’re taking a picture of them.”

I say, “Well, I’m mostly taking a photo of the reflection……..” – which was partially true. I really WAS wanting to take a photo of the two guys talking. But then the guy with the gun lifts the American flag out of the bracket on the sidewalk – virtually ruining my shot. So I say, “…..and the American flag! Don’t take the flag away!”

Now this rattles the gun-guy, so he puts the flag back, apologizing profusely. I take the shot – only one, of course – and then I walk away and thank the guy.

“Have a nice day!”

I get back to my car, feeling slightly guilty for semi-lying to the guy so he wouldn’t shoot me; but I am thrilled I had gotten the shot. I look back to see the flag no longer there. I was just in time for that. I think it makes the photo.


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