Mother’s Formal Dining Room – Day 22

021613_22MothersDininRmROk. I’ve noticed I have had windows featured in most of my images lately. I will make a conscious effort to not have them in my shots for a while.

Meanwhile, this is a shot of the living room / dining room of the house I grew up in. My mother always wanted a formal dining room. I’m not sure we ever quite achieved that look. Especially right now with lawn chairs being used as the only furniture.

But at any rate, we are renovating the entire house to sell. I had been quite nostalgic when we first began the project. However, since it has been almost a year of constant work, I believe I am MORE than ready to say goodbye to it. (Of course, I say that now on this cold, February day. We’ll see how I feel when I finally sign the papers.)


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