Coming to Work – Snapshot No. 35

030113_35ComingToWorkRdAs usual, I only had a few minutes today to find my one “snapshot of the day.” And because my rule is I only get one shot at whatever I decide to take a photo of, it makes my few minutes seem even shorter. However, the goal of this project is to make me less complacent about what I am taking photos of, as well as to make me a better shooter. And although I’ve only been at it for 35 days, I can already see improvement in both areas – even though it may not always show here. I cringe at some photos I have to post, but they just make me more determined to do a better job the next day.

I shot over 100 photos yesterday on my day off. I was really excited about a lot of them and feel I am starting to get back into the photography groove again. After not shooting consistently for several years, one tends to get rusty.

Anyway, as I was saying – I only had a few minutes to find something today. It was too cold to walk around outside, so the solution was this stairwell at our back door. I did have to wait a few minutes for someone to open the door to make it more interesting. If ONLY someone had been coming down the stairs at the same time! Now that would have been a great shot. Too bad for me.

Thanks for looking!


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