Mykonos Greek Grill – Snapshot No. 42

030813_42MykonosGrillROk. I must admit my first attempt at my Snapshot of the Day was ill-advised. I decided to abandon it as my One Image of the Day because it was taken in haste and really, REALLY bad. I’m trying to capture moments on the street like Vivian Maier did. I can honestly say I FAILED at that today. So if that is cheating, then so be it. You all deserve at least a half-way decent image to look at. So here it is. A shadow of a sign of a business no longer in existence in our town. Too bad, too. I heard it was really good Greek food. In fact, we had a lot of really good restaurants bite the dust this past year. Who knows why. Most likely the economy and bad locations were the culprits.

Anyway, I loved the old tile and ghosts of former customers when I looked in. I couldn’t not take a photo.


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