Elemental Employees – Snapshot of the Day, No. 55

032113_55ElementalRI left work to run an errand today and stumbled across a really cool restaurant called Elemental. As I was walking by, I noticed while looking through the window that it had lots of really cool design elements inside. I had originally thought it was a store and coffee house; but as I walked in, the hostess asked me if she could help me.

Ahhhh…. “Yes!” I said. “May I get a cup of coffee….. to go?”

Busted. All I wanted to do was take my snapshot of the day. Crap on a cracker. Well, it was cold outside. Coffee would be good. But I thought to myself, “Hmmm. This looks like  it is an expensive place. I wonder how much this photo is going to cost me.

I was taken to the bar, and as the bartender was getting my coffee ready, I struck up a conversation with him about the restaurant. Apparently everything is natural – food and drinks. They even serve Mexican Cokes. And you know what that means! Pure sugar vs. Corn Sugar. They are a lot better.

Anyway, the coffee ended up being $2.79. It was a small to-go cup, too. But it was quite possibly the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. It was REALLY good.  I wish I could say the same thing about the photo, but I was slightly paranoid being in there with a camera. I may go back for lunch or dinner and take my camera – to give me an excuse to be in there.


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