Nesting – Snapshot of the Day, No. 57

032313_57NestingRI love birds. They are little gifts from Heaven. They always cheer me up a bit no matter what mood I’m in. Bird nests are so masterfully made, too. If one ever falls out of a tree or bush, I pick it up and put it on a window sill.

This one I’ve had a while. It is so pretty and delicate. The egg inside is made of clay – I think. Years ago, we did a story on a man who makes bird eggs for a living. His name is  C.E. Blevins. He is a retired Southern Baptist minister, a retired public school art resource teacher and a retired missionary who worked with his wife in Zambia, Africa.

I spent a lot more time with him and his wife, Laura, than I normally would have on any other assignment. I really enjoyed their company. They told me some stories about their work in Africa, and I was in awe. (I have always wanted to go to Africa.) But I also couldn’t get over the beauty of the eggs he made. He makes them to look the same and weigh the same of each species. His new project is to replicate the egg of each species that exists in the world.

Mr. Blevins gave me one as a gift, and I used to carry it wherever I went. But now I keep it inside of this nest. I guess I felt they both needed each other.

I love my egg and I loved the opportunity to meet Mr. and Mrs. Blevins.


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