Simplicity Patterns – Snapshot of the Day, No. 64

033013_64SimplicityPatternsRI guess I never really thought about it but I was amazed today when I discovered they still make clothes patterns. My mother and grandmother used them all of the time for our clothes – and they were both really good at it. Below is an example of one of the homemade dresses I used to wear. This was taken outside of my kindergarten after our Easter program:

EasterDressRHere I am in my Easter bonnet I made during class. I remember that day well. The girls all had to be escorted around the room in a mock Easter Parade on the arm of a fellow boy student.

“A BOY!!!??? I have to hold a boy’s hand?????” I was horrified. I was so painfully shy. That was bad enough. But now this! I was numb from head to toe. But as you can see, I survived my one and only Easter Parade.

I am enclosing an additional photo today for the heck of it. I took it with my new handy-dandy cell phone. I was testing to see how good my new camera phone actually is. I thought it turned out so well, I’d upload it.

AudreyOnHorseCellShotRApparently her name is Audrey. And she likes to ride horses. I just thought she looked  so cool sitting there. I couldn’t resist.


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