Baby Birds – Snapshot of the Day, No. 120

052513_120BabyBirdsRI’ve been trying to water this hanging fern for weeks now, but I have yet to be successful. Almost immediately after I hung the darn thing, a bird built a nest and laid eggs. Today I gently checked to see if the eggs had hatched, in hopes the babies would have flown the coop. But when I stood on the stool to check, I saw a head moving.

Great. Still there.

But then I got a BIG smile on my face. The babies have hatched and are still there! I got my cell phone out and slowly reached up and over the fern in hopes I would get a decent show of the nest. I was thrilled to have gotten this, as mediocre as it is. Not sure why the other eggs have not hatched yet. They might not. I don’t know.


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