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062113_147EmilysJarRI had to get an early start on my image today because I know I will not have time later. Fortunately for me the light was hitting this mason jar just right.

It was given to us a couple of Christmases ago by one of my favorite neighbors. . . full of beautiful cuttings, of course.

I had several compositions for this framed up before I took this one, but none really did much for me. And according to my made up rules for this project – One Shot Only. No second chances.

In theory it is designed to force me to compose better photos instead of relying on the digital format which allows us to take as many photos as possible without any consequences. That tends to make me complacent and not really pay attention. I grew up on film where every frame essentially cost us money – so we had to make sure the photo was worth taking before we took the picture.