We Found Him – Snapshot of the Day, No. 211

082413_211WeFoundHimROur lost green frog, Jethro, has been found. Apparently he moved from his pond in the front yard to the backyard – not a good choice since that’s where the dogs live – and jumped into our antique hot tub and cannot get out. We had planned to turn it into a pool / pond for the dogs, but just haven’t had a chance yet. However, since we’ve had lots of rain this summer, water has collected – along with mosquito lava. Perfect for a wayward frog.

Anyway, while working in our very neglected backyard today, I noticed a very large being in the water. My jaw dropped for two reasons: 1. It was Jethro! He’s been gone for months. And 2. He has grown a LOT. He’s huge! Look at the legs on this guy. Apparently he doesn’t care one bit he can’t get out. He’s eating like a king.

I suppose I’ll have to read up on where green frogs hibernate for the winter. If they burrow underground instead of in the water, I’ll have to move him back into the front yard. They only problem with that, however, is a new, baby green frog has moved into the front yard’s pond. I’ll have to research to see if they can cohabitate in one pond without harming each other. Well, without Jethro eating Mr. Slate. (He’s named for his very black color. He’ll get greener as he grows.)

To much info for most, but I’m thrilled! I feared he had been eaten. Instead, he has been eating.


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