One Man’s Trash…… Snapshot of the Day, No. 277

102913_277OneMansTrashRI got an opportunity to go to our satellite dump today to drop off some stuff and noticed these two lovely pieces just sitting outside of the dumpsters.

Hmm. I suppose the previous owner just couldn’t quite bring him or herself to drop them in the garbage.

No wonder, either! SOMEONE will want them!

But the question that comes to mind is: WHY not drop them off at Goodwill or America’s Thrift Store? Or have a garage sale?

No! Not a garage sale. That’s too much trouble. I hope I never do that again.

But anyway, I worry they got dumped into the bin after I left. I really should have picked them up and given them a good home. Shoot. I didn’t think about it. But then again, I’m trying to clean out my house. Not restock it.

At any rate, they were left with loving care at least. Perhaps a short story could be written about them.

But I digress. They bring to mind one of my favorite blogs: “Crap at my Parents’ House.” If you want a good laugh, peruse it a while. It will be worth your time. You may even recognize some stuff.


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