One Fare – Snapshot of the Day, 358

011714_358OneFareRTIn our attempt to organize our house, I came across these coins the other day I had long forgotten I had.

Cool! I have Euros, Shekels and various others I’m going to need my reading glasses to tell what they are.

This one, however, was different. I have no recollection at all where I got it. But at first, it looked like a very old New York City subway token.

Even cooler!

I went to school in NYC for several years, so the city holds a special place in my heart. Having a piece of history from there just thrills me. (Although the tokens were larger while I was there, I thought I must have gotten this smaller one as a souvenir.)

Yeah, until I turned the coin over and read the other side through the macro lens – “Atlanta Transit Company.”

Atlanta?!!! So much for the exotic nature of the coin.  Well, it still looks like it is worth something!!!!!

Wrong. $2.00 on ebay. Oh well. I still have no idea where it came from – especially since the company went under in 1972. We’re two hours north of Atlanta; and I’m sure we did visit there in the 70s, but we NEVER took mass transit. Ever.



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