Self-portrait Holding Self-portrait, Snapshot of the Day, No. 365

012414_365SelfPortraitHoldingSPRMy last image for my photo project vs. my first one. That stupid smirk on my face indicates I’m thinking. What I was thinking in both of these photos:

Has the shutter gone off yet?

012613_1ViewCameraRAgainI spent the year shooting images I only gave myself one shot each to get – with the intention of making myself pre-visualize better. And to essentially make myself a better photographer. Some are better than others, of course; but I had a lot of fun and feel I learned a lot – so mission accomplished. It was fairly easy to do, even though I don’t have a lot of extra time most days.

As for what my next project will be ….. hmm. Maybe I’ll go back to my mask series – or perhaps a series of self-portraits. But I do plan on continuing shooting everyday. I may just upload the best one each week or each month. We’ll see.

Thanks for looking at, following and “liking” my blog. I REALLY appreciate it!

Here are a few of my former Mask photos I shot with my view camera before I stopped shooting film. ( I’m not sure I will ever shoot film again, and I really miss it. The magic of watching the image come up in the tray will always thrill me.)



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