Throughout my life and its many changes, there have been two constants – photography and migraines. And they came into my life at about the same time. And no matter what happens or what I do, they both never leave me. Plus, I had a migraine when I started this blog, so that’s where the name came from.
I initially started this blog to jump-start my creativity after many years of not shooting. But at the beginning of the year, I began a photo project with the hopes of becoming a better photographer. After making the switch to digital, which was not easy for me due to my purest instincts, I found myself becoming complacent in my shooting. With film, I’d weigh every shot because each frame cost money to process. With digital, I could shoot all day long without any consequences.
So! I decided that for one year, I’d shoot a photo every day – BUT I’d only allow myself to shoot one frame of my designated image. No do-overs. That, in theory, would force me to really think about pushing that shutter.
I have very little free time on any given day, so sometimes I have to really be creative and shoot what’s in front of me, no matter where I am. But I’ve come to the realization that a good photo can be found – or created – anywhere.
I’m having fun, at least, and hope others find it fun to follow the progress.
That was last year. This year, I’m working on a food project: Recreating my great grandmother’s recipes. The object of the project is to become a better food photographer, a better cook, and to reconnect in a small way with my great grandmother. She lived with us for a while when I was a kid, and her meals were fantastic. She died in 1976 at the age of 92. I loved her very much.
The challenge with her recipes, other than deciphering her handwriting, seems to be the terminology and things taken for granted back then. Little things like times and temperatures are important to someone like me who is not that great of a cook. Terms like, “slow” or “moderate ovens” kind of throw me. But I’m getting there……and I’m having fun.
Best of all, I feel close to Mama again.

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