Dragonfly Portrait – Snapshot of the Day, No. 169

So, while out picking blackberries today, we encountered several cool creatures. One was this little dragonfly who did not seem to be afraid of me. He amazingly stood still long enough for me to get his photo. He was so small, I only got a chance to see what he really looks like when IContinue reading “Dragonfly Portrait – Snapshot of the Day, No. 169”


Beetle Mania – Snapshot of the Day, No. 150

This was not my original photo of the day. I had taken that early this morning before I left for work. But after seeing this guy, I could not resist switching out my subjects. I think this is a Palo Verde beetle. But I am just guessing from the photos I found on the internet.Continue reading “Beetle Mania – Snapshot of the Day, No. 150”