Chocolate Whole-Wheat Biscuit Cake

  I decided to take a break from my great grandmother’s recipes and try one I’ve wanted to make since the late 90s. This is a Martha Stewart dessert I got from one of her magazines years ago. I probably never made it before now because I did not have a spring-form pan. Ironically, I did not endContinue reading “Chocolate Whole-Wheat Biscuit Cake”

Three Tries, One Pie

  I don’t recall ever making a pie from scratch. I may have made a pumpkin pie as a kid, but I’m sure the crust was already made, and the pumpkin came from a can. The reason is probably because I don’t really like pie. . . unless it’s pumpkin. I’m more of a cake, brownie, cookieContinue reading “Three Tries, One Pie”

Geranium Jewels – Snapshot of the Day, No. 155

As usual, time was limited today to get my shot, but I kind of liked seeing these geranium buds closeup. I don’t see as well up close anymore – so it’s pretty cool to use the macro lens to see nature a little better. I thought I was buying all red geraniums. Looks like theContinue reading “Geranium Jewels – Snapshot of the Day, No. 155”