Miss Lilly – Snapshot of the Day, No. 51

We finally took the time to take the dogs for a walk today. One dog likes water and the other one does not. Lilly loves to get in the water, especially if she is hot. It was not hot to us today, but to a part-Husky, it must have been pretty warm. 69 degrees IContinue reading “Miss Lilly – Snapshot of the Day, No. 51”


Walking the Dogs – Snapshot of the Day: 24

Well, my subject matter was good. I just didn’t do such a great job of capturing it. I should have shot her from the front because she had another dog in the baby stroller. But she was moving a quite a clip, and I really did not want her to know I was taking herContinue reading “Walking the Dogs – Snapshot of the Day: 24”