Grace Kelly graces the cover of Life magazine.

We all got a rare assignment at work the other day to share with our co-workers one website that inspires us the most. Hmm. Choosing just one was hard for me, but I settled on the one I frequent the most: I chose this one over my usual photography sites simply because I’m looking for a new way to look at photography. It’s mostly a food blog, but there are beautiful images of other things, as well. Combine great photos with recipes from “Down Under,” and you’ve got great inspiration!

So! This has given me the idea to share other inspirations in my life. This is ever-changing, so I’m assuming this theme will be a series of posts.

Where to start!? With Grace Kelly, of course. Her shear beauty is enough, I suppose, but she also should be admired for being the individual she was. According to a biography about her life, Grace was the black sheep of her family. Instead of becoming an Olympic athlete like many of her family members, she decided to move to NYC to pursue an acting career. She took great criticism and ridicule for this from her family – they even laughed at her. But, after winning an Academy Award for her performance in, “The County Girl,” then meeting the man who would make her the Princess of Monaco, she pretty much shut them up. Not too shabby, huh? Consequently, she ended up initiating the preservation of Monaco’s historic buildings instead of allowing them to be demolished to make room for more casinos. She also was a huge advocate of the arts, and brought Monaco the class and respect it did not previously have. There is a ton of other information here if you’re interested:

Anyway, I’m always in search of strong female role models, and she is at the top of my list. So it is not a stretch that my favorite movie is, “Rear Window.”



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