Painting without a brush

Some of my favorite summer animals.
Southern drinks. Too bad I have never liked tea.
Cat and dog illustrations.

I got my love of art from my very talented and creative mother. She worked as a graphic artist for both Miller Bros. department store and for Blue Cross. She could paint or draw anything – a talent I wish I possessed. The paintings I created in college were…. well, they were terrible. And I had little patience for them since I was doing so poorly. Photography was, and is, my true passion. But with the use of the computer and programs like Illustrator I can at least play around a bit…without the terpentine.

I have noticed that my mother’s favorite painter, Paul Gauguin,, and mine, Marc Chagall,–a60/marc-chagall-posters.htm, are very similar in their styles. As I get older, I have been noticing we are a lot a like.

Ok. Here is another favorite of mine: Maybe one day I can be that creative.



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