Hydrangeas, kitties and nuts

Because my time is very limited lately, I photograph what I can find around the house. These hydrangeas are from our yard, and they never cease to amaze me in their color changes. They start out white, turn a light blue and then eventually this beautiful purple and green shade. Just like George Clooney, they get more stunning with age. But I am getting sidetracked. Here are my latest photos – with a little help from my furry friends.

Dried hydrangea leaf

  • Vada comes out from under the bed to make sure the hydrangeas will not hurt her.

    Sera checks out the spot Vada sniffed to see what she might be missing.

    Rotting apples and acorn leaves. It was either photograph them, or throw them out to the squirrels. I decided to do both.
    The biggest acorns I’ve ever seen. They were growing downtown.

    One of my little helpers – Sera.

My parting shot. River. He wanted no part of the activity.

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