A snapshot a day

Ok. I have given myself a project. We’ll see if I can pull it off. My goal is to take a photo – just one – every day for an entire year. No do-overs, so I will have to make it good. It will be like it was when I was in school and shooting with film. Not much money, so every frame I shot was well-thought out and worth the exposure. At least that was the intent. That didn’t always work out. But anyway, this is my plan. I may not be able to upload them here every day, but I will definitely shoot SOMETHING every day. The idea is to get me shooting and thinking about photography instead of my being totally wrapped up in work, renovations, laundry and litter boxes.

So here is my first image. It’s a self-portrait with a lot of meaning. It resembles the very first photo I ever took (posted on my very first post here), but it also is a statement on where I was in my photography vs. where I have to be now. Digital is great and cool and all of that, but I will always be old school at heart. I miss the darkroom.

Me with my old friend.
Me with my old friend.

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