Newsroom Library – Snapshot of the Day, No. 17

021113_17NewsroomLibraryRI was too busy today at work to leave the building, so I decided to shoot something within walking-distance of my office: our newsroom library…or what’s left of it. As you can see, not many people work in the newsroom anymore. But to be fair, this is only a small corner of the newsroom, so that is a little deceiving. However, this corner is not utilized much anymore. Actual reference books; old files of newspaper clippings; an old K-Mart shopping cart….. Don’t ask me why THAT is there. I do not know. I’ve never even seen anyone use it. But anyway, whenever I see quiet corners like this one on our floor, flashes of the hustle and bustle of how the room used to look come to mind.

It is more than a little scary to watch life’s institutions be eliminated: The phone book. The house phone. Books. CDs/records. The U.S. Post Office. Film. Newspapers. Things we can actually hold.

Sure, it is probably better for the environment. I’m sure it’s a lot cheaper. Technology makes our lives easier to some degree, too. But nothing is REAL anymore. And it makes me sad.



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