Wedding Gown – Snapshot No. 66

040113_66WeddingGownRThis wedding dress is in a downtown window. I’ve walked past it several times, but the light today was so nice, I decided to go ahead and shoot it. I felt it was meant to be since I only had a few minutes this afternoon and a parking place was open right in front of the door.

But a funny thing happened right before shooting this photo:

I jumped out of the car and walked around to the passenger side to get my camera and change for the meter. As I shut the door, I noticed a guy I went to high school with standing next to me on the sidewalk. We both said hello.

I am always amazed when people from the “In” crowd actually know my name. He was in the popular crowd in our class. I was not even in the nerd group. I was very shy and never liked to draw attention to myself.

Well, we stood there for several minutes talking about mutual friends when a stranger walked up and asked me if that was my gray car.

Me: “Yes. Am I not supposed to park here?”

Man: “No, I just noticed there was no change in the meter; but if you’re standing beside your car, it’s ok.”

That was when I noticed he was a parking meter guy. He had a digital contraption around his neck looking for delinquent parkers. Great.

I said, “Oh! Sorry. I ran into someone I went to school with……I was going to put money in the meter — ”

And that’s when it happened. As I was trying to explain I had intended on putting money in the meter, I swung my left hand – the one holding the change – to show the guy I had the money – and it all shot out of my hand and hit the parking meter guy like a machine gun.

I shouted: “NOOOOOOOOOO!”

Change went everywhere. Including under the car. The parking meter guy dove under the car for me and retrieved my change before it rolled into the sewer grate.

And now we know why I was in no crowed in high school. Limited social skills.


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