Sew Much Fun – Snapshot of the Day, No. 159

This is a jar full of spools of thread in the window of a shop I’ve visited with my camera before: O.C. Buckles & Co. (I’ll try to find a link in the morning) Anyway, it’s a pretty cool shop that appears to teach sewing. I’ll try to go inside when they are actually openContinue reading “Sew Much Fun – Snapshot of the Day, No. 159”

SALE! – Snapshot of the Day, No. 151

I honestly don’t remember what store this window is from. I think it’s Coldwater Creek. I am fascinated by mannequins in windows. I had a few minutes this evening to shop for some clothes. I need so many things, but rarely have time to look. I cherish those times – for the first 5 minutes.Continue reading “SALE! – Snapshot of the Day, No. 151”

Wedding Gown – Snapshot No. 66

This wedding dress is in a downtown window. I’ve walked past it several times, but the light today was so nice, I decided to go ahead and shoot it. I felt it was meant to be since I only had a few minutes this afternoon and a parking place was open right in front of theContinue reading “Wedding Gown – Snapshot No. 66”