“High Four” – Snapshot of the Day, No. 96

050113_96HighFourRThe first photo of this scene did not work out. A mother and daughter were looking at this sculpture when the younger son walked right in front of the dog as I was taking the photo. That’s no good. You couldn’t see the dog at all. So I……”scratched” it.

Pun intended.

Anyway, right after that, the mother and daughter walked on and the little boy stood there a moment longer and then walked off. That’s when I shot the second image. So it was Take Two for this image. But it was necessary, or it would not have made sense.

This sculpture was created by a woman named Louise Peterson from Guffey, Co. “High Four,” – Bronze, 2006, is one of my favorite sculptures in town. His raised paw is very shiny because people rub it when they walk up to him. It, or he, sits at the southern entrance to the Walnut Street Bridge. Our pedestrian / park bridge connecting downtown Chattanooga to the North Shore spanning over the Tennessee River.


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