Wigging Out – Snapshot of the Day, No. 101

050613_101WiggingOutRYears ago when I would take a lunch hour ( now I just eat while I work so I can leave work early), I’d walk to the river and back to get exercise and clear my head. Work was / is very stressful, so it was always nice to get out to give myself a break.

I never walked the same route twice in a row, but I would frequently walk past this store: the Downtown Mart. I would picture in my head how I might photograph this window one day. This is just a snapshot, but it does give me more ideas.

I’ve always been intrigued by these mannequin heads. Not one to like dolls (Barbie does not count), heads like these usually disturb me. I’m not sure I want to walk into this store, but perhaps I will the next time I walk by. If it’s daytime, of course.


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