Door to College – Snapshot of the Day, No. 116

052113_116DoorToCollegeRI strolled through the UTC campus after work today looking for a photo of the day and came across this door. I graduated from here, but I went to 3 different colleges. (money was the primary reason I kept quitting and switching)

But anyway, this door seems to be on every college campus – no matter the year or the city. When I saw it, my mind instantly flashed back to the art school I attended for a couple of years in New York City – The School of Visual Arts. Being an art school, almost every wall looked like this door.

I have some fond memories from UTC, too; and it was odd walking through there today seeing so many renovations going on. It certainly has grown since I went there. Another school I attended (for one year) was MTSU. It has grown into the largest university in Tennessee. Who would have thought?

I’m thankful for my opportunity to attend all of the schools I went to. They all gave me a great education, but I often wonder what my life would have been like if I had had the ¬†chance (and money) to finish SVA. I wonder if I would be living in NYC now, or if I would still have come home to stay. I love New York, but deep down, the South is in my heart and soul.

I know one thing, I would NEVER be able to pay for college now. The cost has risen astronomically – to the point I don’t see how anyone affords it.


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