As Time Goes By – Snapshot of the Day, No. 127

060113_127AsTimeGoesByROnce a year, we drive up to Sevierville to the Tennessee Museum of Aviation for their annual warbird air show. One of our friends, Bill, (the one seen here in the ball cap) was a P47 pilot during WWII. He was shot down over Belgium during one of his missions. He goes with us every year to see, (and to hear), the museum’s two P47s start up and do fly-overs.

Other pilots come in with their warbird planes, too. There are P51s, a Skyraider, a Beechcraft, and lots of others I don’t remember the names of.

The cool thing about this show is veterans from WWII used to come to reminisce. We would all gather around to listen to the impromptu stories about dog fights and battles fought during the war.

Today, however, Bill was the only WWII veteran attending. Sadly, we’re losing our WWII veterans daily.

There was a veteran pilot from the Vietnam War speaking today who had everyone’s attention and respect. He is a volunteer at the museum.

Anyway, it is one of the highlights of our year. We always have a wonderful time.


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