No Autographs! – Snapshot of the Day, No. 128

060213_128NoAutographsRJoe and I got separated today at Wal-Mart, so I pressed on without him for a while. When I was in the bread aisle, I noticed an older man shopping with his son. It was a sweet scene because the dad seemed to be having trouble.

I can always tell when an older man is shopping alone for the first time – or at least it’s new to him. I picture him having to deal with the loss of his wife of decades. The men always look so lost; I usually get teary.

But anyway, that is what I was picturing while these two (at the top right of the image) were dealing with when Joe walked up behind me and tried to scare me. I missed the shot, so I raised up my camera to shoot a photo of Joe. I caught him right as his hand went up.

So this is what he gets. He’s now the photo of the day because he was goofing around. But quite frankly, I had no other time to shoot anything today, so here you go.


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