There Are No Words – Snapshot of the Day, No. 267

101913_267ThereAreNoWordsRI apologize for the same subject two days in a row – but this one HAD to be posted.

I was working in the yard earlier today when I looked up and saw this scene.

My first thought was, “What on earth is he looking at?”

My second thought was:

Where’s my camera?

But I knew what he was doing. I had given him his peanut butter jar to distract him from scratching. I smear peanut butter inside old plastic jars to give him a treat; but it also gives him a big distraction since it’s not so easy to get all of the peanut butter out.

But it’s especially hard for him with the cone on his head because he can’t hold it with his paws and lick it at the same time.

This was his solution. He stood the jar right side up and licked it that way.

Told you he was smart.


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