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101813_266DimBulbRActually, he’s not a “dim bulb,” at all. Murray is quite smart. He just looks dumb here.

He had surgery on his eye and hip last week, so today was the day to get the stitches out….and to take off his lamp shade – or “Crown,” as we call it.

He was waiting Not So Patiently for the technicians to come back in. He could hear them on the other side of the door. He absolutely LOVES being at the vet. He likes the attention and the treats they all give him.

Told you he wasn’t dumb.

If you look closely at the top left of the frame, the movement you see is his tail wagging. It never stops when he’s there.

But, then again, he never stops moving anyway. He loves life and all it has to offer. The simplest thing delights him.

We should all learn from Mr. Murray.