Bottle Caps – Snapshot of the Day, No. 285

110613_285BottleCapsRAh! The best of both worlds. Coke and Chocolate.

Actually, as much as I like chocolate, I’ve never had a Yoo-Hoo. I imagine it to be too watery for me.

At any rate, I found these antique bottle caps recently and decided to shoot them. They are from a time when you could return your glass bottles and get money for them.

Although Coca Cola was created in Atlanta, Georgia, it was first bottled in Chattanooga. Eventually other cities would bottle it, and on the bottom of each one was the city and state that particular bottle was made it. My father found one from Hawaii once but never found another one, even though he looked for years. And of course he didn’t save his original bottle.

They no longer stamp the city and state on the bottom. Too expensive, I suppose. Rip off.

One more fun thing taken away from us.


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