Keeping it Real

The question was, “Do you want to come over and play?” That was 53 years ago. The answer was, “Yes!” And we never stopped.

So….. My childhood friend, Angie, recently had a conference in Memphis, so I decided to join her a few days early for a nice visit since we live nowhere near each other now.

During the trip, she casually mentioned my “perfect life.” I just laughed.

When I got home, I texted her a story describing my first day back to clear up any confusion she might still have about me.

Although this blog (that’s been unintentionally ignored for the past 6 years) is mainly about photography, I have decided to change things up a bit and concentrate on creativity in general. So I’m going to add a section and call it, “Keeping it Real.” A great comment stolen from my “terrifically hilarious and to the point cousin,” Anne.

Ah! A Day in the Life of LEW-LEW’s “Perfect Life:”

She sleeps late and is completely rested while driving to work. Her job is a stress-free breeze, and everything goes right – all day long.

Dinner and a loving husband are waiting on her when she arrives home. She kicks up her feet after dinner and drifts off to sleep dreaming of another great day ahead of her.

Still waiting for that day to happen.

What really happened today:

She almost wrecks her car several times on her way to work due to sheer exhaustion. Her co-worker calls in sick because her husband has Covid and she thinks she and her baby do, too. Work is busier, crazier and wilder than normal, but she manages to not get fired. 

When work is blessedly over, she drives to her sick co-worker’s house to drop off her hard drive so she can work from home, and manages to keep herself at a safe distance – she thinks.

Finally home, she encounters a hungry & cranky husband who informs her that after dinner she will be joining him under the house to help make a path for the workman who’s coming on Saturday. Her husband’s mood does not improve while under the house…. and her’s takes a turn for the worse when she discovers a dead rat the size of a large kitten.

After declaring that it’s her husband who will be disposing of the mummified rodent, she walks into the house, takes a shower and climbs into bed and looks forward to that perfect day that just might show up tomorrow. 


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