Things I Overheard Today – “That’s IT!”

The kids in our neighborhood are wild, loud, full of life and flat-out HILARIOUS! We are crazy about them and love to tell stories about their antics.

So I’m excited that they have the distinction of being the first entry into my new, “Things I Overheard Today,” series. Here it goes:

For the past week, my husband has had a bad cold. Nothing serious, but he’s been coughing like he has Tuberculosis. No fever. He doesn’t really feel bad. He just sounds like he’s coughing up a lung. [An important fact that brings me to the point of the story.]

Tonight, we walked out of the front door to pick up a pizza for dinner. Halfway down the sidewalk, Joe barely coughed. I mean, it was barely a regular cough from a person not suffering with a cold. And quite frankly, I barely noticed it. But instantly…. and I mean INSTANTLY – we heard Lily from across the street shout (in her best melodramatic voice):

“That’s IT! I heard a cough!! We’re all going to DIE!!! We’re ALL going to die from the Corona Virus!!!!”

I stopped in my tracks and howled! I could not stop laughing. When I finally turned to see Joe’s reaction, I saw him down on the sidewalk laughing so hard no sound was coming out.

I LOVE these kids!


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