Who’s Jeanette, and What Does She Have to do With Christmas?

This story sums up what it’s like in our house:

I walked into the den this morning and noticed that my husband, Joe, was watching a Christmas concert on TV. I came in on the very end of one of the songs and thought it sounded like a Beatles tune, but I just couldn’t place it. Thinking it was odd that a Beatles song was being performed during a Christmas concert, I said, “What song is that?”

Joe said, “I Married Jeanette.”

Being told more than once in my life that I ask too many questions, all I said was, “Never heard of it.” But I was thinking, “Who’s Jeanette, and what does she have to do with Christmas???”

Joe: “Yes you have.”

Me: “ No, I haven’t.”

Joe: “I’m sure you have. If you heard it, you’d remember it.”

Me: “I don’t think so.”

Joe: “It’s my favorite Christmas song.”

Me: “Well, my favorite is, “Mary Did you Know?


Me: “No it’s not! You said, “I Married Jeanette,” was your favorite!

It was at this moment that Joe howled! “HOW did you get, “I Married Jeanette,” out of “Mary Did you Know? That’s not even a song!!!”

Me: “That’s what I heard!”

So, the real question is, “Does this story make me look old?”


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