It Wouldn’t Fit Any Other Way!

Christmas Day, there is a gift under the tree from my older sister. Typical box wrapped in pretty Christmas paper.

Only thing, though…. a coat hanger hook is sticking up from the top.


“What’s this?”

“It wouldn’t fit any other way.”

Sigh. Smile. Intrigued.

The box gets opened.

It’s a pretty throw blanket on a hanger!

INSTANT uncontrollable laughter comes out of my collapsing body.

I say, “WHY didn’t you just take it OFF of the hanger????”

“What’s so funny? I couldn’t get it to fit in the box! I tried several different ways. It never occurred to me to take it off the hanger….”

My husband: “Couple of things here, Stace!

Bigger box.
Fold the hanger inside the blanket.
OR, just take it off the hanger.”

Me: “You got straight A’s in Quantum Physics, but it never occurred to you to take the hanger off the blanket?”

She definitely proved one thing: She cannot think outside the box!


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