The Cleaning Lady – Snapshot of the Day, No. 26

022013_26CleaningLadyRThere is something about this food court that keeps bringing me back. When it first opened in the newly remodeled Warehouse Row, I would walk down from where I work to get design ideas for my husband’s and my new home. I love looking down on these typewriter key stools and watching people talking and eating their lunches.

I was in luck today. Two entire tables of people gathered for lunch. And when I switched lenses, they all got up and left. Typical.

And then it happened. I saw the cleaning lady wiping down the tables. “MAYBE, just maybe she’ll come to where I need her to be,” I thought to myself. But then, a lady sat down right below where I was standing. I framed the shot right when the lovely cleaning lady moved into my photo. CLICK! And I was gone. I had two meetings to get to, and time ticking away on the parking meter. Perfect timing. Thank you to both of you!


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