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022713_33DogsSmartFurnirMy two current inspirations for photography are Vivian Maier and Katie Quinn Davies’ “What Katie Ate” blog. Vivian’s work blows me away – and I can’t get enough. I’ve even signed up for the newsletter so I can keep up with the latest images released. (They are also working on a documentary of her life. Trailer here.)

But Katie’s images are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen in a long time. Plus, she gives us all of her recipes! Her cookbook was released right at my birthday last Nov., so of course my husband bought me a copy. And that brings us to why I clocked out for lunch and drove across town to shop for a hard-to-find ingredient called for in one of her recipes.

Having so little time, as usual, I decided to take my camera and get my snapshot of the day. Well, the market had my item, but it was very expensive. I decided I’d shop around some more. Meanwhile, I walked outside and saw some kids looking in the window of another store: Smart Furniture. (It is a really cool furniture shop started in Chattanooga.) I looked inside the window to see what the fuss was about, and saw these two dogs looking back at us all. I could not pass up this opportunity.

We were told the dogs are not normally there, so I took it as good fortune for me.