I Should Have Halved It – Snapshot of the Day, No. 320

I’m an idiot. My sister has been telling me that for years. Some days it is more evident than others. Today was one of those days. I got inspired and decided to make granola from scratch. So, of course, I went straight to my favorite cookbook, “What Katie Ate.” I’ve mentioned before how much ofContinue reading “I Should Have Halved It – Snapshot of the Day, No. 320”


Raspberry Friands Mishap – Snapshot No. 41

My favorite blog, What Katie Ate, has great recipes! Plus a great new cookbook that I look at constantly for photo inspiration. This is one of the recipes I tried recently, Raspberry Friands. After looking all over town and the internet for almond meal, I’m not sure I did it correctly. They taste funny to me.Continue reading “Raspberry Friands Mishap – Snapshot No. 41”

Dogs Go Shopping – Snapshot of the Day, no. 33

My two current inspirations for photography are Vivian Maier and Katie Quinn Davies’ “What Katie Ate” blog. Vivian’s work blows me away – and I can’t get enough. I’ve even signed up for the newsletter so I can keep up with the latest images released. (They are also working on a documentary of her life.Continue reading “Dogs Go Shopping – Snapshot of the Day, no. 33”