Folsom Prison – Snapshot of the Day, No. 110

051513_110FolsomPrisonRFor over a year now, Joe and I have eaten more than once at Big River at Hamilton Place mall. It’s very close to my old house that we are renovating, and the food is very good. We usually split something, so it doesn’t cost us much. BUT we have a Passport card, so we get points for everything we buy. When we reach 850 points, we will receive a $100 gift card. Not too shabby! We’re at 747 right now.

But I digress. Every Wednesday night is “Ladies Night.” They also have live music outside during the warmer months. We usually sit outside, too, but on the other side. It’s a little quieter over there – and most importantly, no smoking.

Anyway, this guy was singing, “Folsom Prison,” while I was taking his photo, so that’s why I named it that.


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