Being a Girl at Betty’s – Snapshot of the Day, No. 111

051613_111BeingAGirlAtBettysRAs luck would have it, I forgot my lunch today. So, darn it, I HAD to go to Panera and get my favorite sandwich, the Frontega Chicken panini. Meanwhile, I thought I’d use this time to grab my photo of the day.

Hmmm. Where to go? There is a cool shop right around the corner from Panera called, Backstreet Betty’s. It’s a dress shop mostly, and pretty neat inside.

I pretended to be shopping – lying in wait for just the right moment. But it’s times like these that I get funny looks. I get the feeling most of the time the clerks think I’m about to shoplift something. I must be acting suspiciously. Anyway, I missed an opportunity at one point. I just didn’t think it was photo-worthy. And as my project states, I only get one photo a day. Only one shot.

So I left and walked around the block to scout out something else. Drat. Nothing. And it was at this point I was about to give up. My meter was about to expire. I only had 20 cents and I had put that into the meter. I definitely couldn’t afford an $11 parking ticket.

SO – I walked back into Betty’s and, of course, got some funny looks. I decided to act like I couldn’t decide on a dress. Which was not too far off the mark – but it was $80, so that is usually a big fat NO for me.

Anyway, I turned when I heard a woman coming down the alley. I was just thinking I was going to get her walking by the storefront but I lucked up! She strolled right in through the front door flipping her hair. The perfect girl pose.

I left happy. And the sandwich was delicious, too once I got back to my desk.


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