Hunting Flies – Snapshot of the Day, No. 112

051713_112HuntingFliesRgYou may not believe me, but only after I named this image, “Hunting Flies,” did I notice our frog has an insect balanced on his nose in this shot.

I was busier than usual today at work. Fridays are always on the wild side. Today was extra busy. But anyway, no time for my shot of the day, so I had to settle for something at home. As I walked up to the front door, I noticed Jethro just sitting there on the edge of the pond. I love looking at him; but he’s not too sure of us, so he jumps in the water most times. I knew he was probably my best bet for a photo because I was losing light and it was beginning to rain.

So I shot his photo – willing him to not jump in the water while I focused. But seeing that insect on the tip of his nose just makes it. I guess he was lulling the poor thing into a false sense of security before he ate him.

Jethro must be an excellent hunter because he gets bigger every time we see him.


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