It Wouldn’t Fit Any Other Way!

Christmas Day, there is a gift under the tree from my older sister. Typical box wrapped in pretty Christmas paper. Only thing, though…. a coat hanger hook is sticking up from the top. ? “What’s this?” “It wouldn’t fit any other way.” Sigh. Smile. Intrigued. The box gets opened. It’s a pretty throw blanket onContinue reading “It Wouldn’t Fit Any Other Way!”

Merry Christmas – Snapshot of the Day, No. 333

Why does HE get to wear the Christmas cap? Just once I’d like to wear it!!! This is Bob and Sera. Bob is the one donning the hat. Bob is our best pet. He never makes a mess, and he is extremely quiet. We like to decorate him for all of the seasons. He’s aContinue reading “Merry Christmas – Snapshot of the Day, No. 333”