Cherry Upside-down Cake – Twice

This is my second attempt at this recipe. I tend to be in a rush whenever I do – well….anything. When I made the first cake, I used a can of cherry pie filling instead of just a can of cherries. Duh. It was in the baking aisle and I wasn’t paying attention. So, backContinue reading “Cherry Upside-down Cake – Twice”

Larchmont Muffins

This is a photo of my great grandmother. One of her cookbooks that I am using for this photo project, “Rumford Complete Cookbook,” has a recipe that apparently was her very favorite muffin recipe. Larchmont Muffins. Inside the cookbook was a hand-written note saying that they were the best muffins she ever ate. They must be good,Continue reading “Larchmont Muffins”

Pearl Cookies

Pearl cookies! The name evokes images of beauty and ultimate taste. At least it did for me when I first saw the recipe. They’re ok. I think their name built them up too much for me. And Joe’s reaction was, “That’s a cookie.” Sometimes it takes a day or two for cookies to taste theirContinue reading “Pearl Cookies”

Breaking the Canines

Well, strike two. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Instead of a cinnamon roll type dessert, I created………. ………..doorstops. I thought it might be my using Almond Milk instead of regular cow’s milk; but the internet tells me it should not make a difference. And it knows everything! I supposed I could try againContinue reading “Breaking the Canines”

Orange Nut Bread

Orange Nut Bread (I altered this one a bit for two reasons: 1. I wanted to start using gluten-free flour to possibly curb the number of migraines I’ve been having, and 2. I didn’t have all of the ingredients, as usual.) 2 1/4 cups all purpose flour (I used gluten-free plus 3/4 teaspoons Xanthan GumContinue reading “Orange Nut Bread”

Mama’s Recipes – a tribute to my great grandmother

This is a photo of my great grandmother, Louise Putnam Wilcox. It’s actually a pin with her photo on it, and I’ve always thought I favored her when looking at it. She is the only other family member – that I know of – who is small like I am. She lived with us whenContinue reading “Mama’s Recipes – a tribute to my great grandmother”