Banana Pudding – attempt no. 1

  This is another recipe of my great grandmother’s. It came out pretty good, but not perfect. My first mistake was using a bowl that was too large for the recipe. I think it calls for a deep, glass pie dish? But to my defense, it was all I had. I plan to re-do thisContinue reading “Banana Pudding – attempt no. 1”

Date Ice Box Cookies – (Aunt Lucy)

I love dates. So any recipe that contains them gets my attention pretty quickly. I have no idea who Aunt Lucy is, but that is how it was printed in the newspaper article that my great grandmother cut out for her collection. Unfortunately there is no date (no pun intended) on the clipping. But Mama died inContinue reading “Date Ice Box Cookies – (Aunt Lucy)”

Butterscotch Brownies

Butterscotch Brownies 1 1/3 sticks butter 2 cups light brown sugar ½ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 cup flour (I used all purpose) 1 cup pecans (I chopped them just a little bit) 2 eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla Melt butter and mix well with sugar. Stir in other ingredients and pour into aContinue reading “Butterscotch Brownies”

Orange Nut Bread

Orange Nut Bread (I altered this one a bit for two reasons: 1. I wanted to start using gluten-free flour to possibly curb the number of migraines I’ve been having, and 2. I didn’t have all of the ingredients, as usual.) 2 1/4 cups all purpose flour (I used gluten-free plus 3/4 teaspoons Xanthan GumContinue reading “Orange Nut Bread”

Balsamic Lime Vinaigrette – Snapshot of the Day, No. 363

So far, so good with my new diet to prevent migraines. One thing to avoid: processed foods. So, that means homemade salad dressing for my lunch. Again, this is from Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook, “It’s All Good.”  

Chicken Salad – Snapshot of the Day, No. 349

Chicken salad. I haven’t made that in years! This morning I made it with the rotisserie chicken I made a few nights ago. I added apples, grapes, toasted walnuts, salt and pepper, and red chili flakes to offset the sweet fruit. Oh, and mayonnaise, of course. It turned out to be really good! I wasContinue reading “Chicken Salad – Snapshot of the Day, No. 349”

One Tablespoon – Snapshot of the Day, No. 338

I got a new cookbook for Christmas: “It’s All Good,” by Gwyneth Paltrow. Due to some health issues, including migraines, she developed recipes to help eliminate her medical problems. Hmm. Migraines. Why not? For a few weeks, at least, I plan on gearing my diet as closely to hers as I can reasonably manage. NoContinue reading “One Tablespoon – Snapshot of the Day, No. 338”