Story of the Day – Favorite Quotes

I interrupt this Snapshot of the Day series with a Story of the Day. There have been lots of great quotes throughout history, but my 3 favorites (at the moment, at least) are these: Going to war without France, is like going hunting without your accordion. — Jed Babbin Jerry! You know I’ve always wanted toContinue reading “Story of the Day – Favorite Quotes”

Story of the Day — vegetarian chili and the BCS

My husband makes great chili. It’s a little too hot for my taste, but it really is good. But my husband is good at everything. It’s annoying. He does most things better than I do. SO! When I saw a vegetarian chili recipe in my new favorite cookbook, “My Father’s Daughter,” by Gwyneth Paltrow, IContinue reading “Story of the Day — vegetarian chili and the BCS”